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A Local pizza place, Checker's Pizza, is offering FREE pizza if the delivery takes longer than 30 minutes! Place your order online and keep the driver from reaching your home within the time limit to get FREE PIZZA

Find trash cans, barricades, wood palettes & crates to place in intersections to block the driver's route and get back home before the driver arrives after the 30 minutes is up to beat the system! FOR FREE PIZZA!

  • WASD = Move/Menu Navigation 
  • Enter = Menu Select
  • E = Pickup Objects/Place Objects in Intersections
  • P = Pause/Resume Game 
3 Delicious Pizzas to Choose From!

  •     Easy Cheesy - Easy Mode - Player Speed and Health Increased. Driver has less time to make the delivery and is much less accurate in his navigation. Pizza takes longer to cook in the oven before delivery.
  •    Signature Checkered Pepperoni - Normal Mode
  •    Hot & Ready Ultra Mega Supreme - Driver is 100% accurate in his navigation. Driver immediately begins delivery.   Player Health = 1 (1 Hit Kill).  Items blocking intersections get destroyed after they get  hit by cars.
  • Created by Nathan Hicks - Nate Bit Games  (www.NateBitGames.com) (Includes Programming, Concept, & Some Art Work: Checker's Webpage, Logo, & Some UI Design) 
  • Pixel Art Tile Set by Issaih658   - Some Modified (From OpenGameArt.org)
  • Music & Sound Effects from various previously purchased asset pack bundles - Voice Lines by Carma Studio.

#MadeWithFusion - Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Note from the Developer:

      Thanks for checking out my game made for the #n8jam! FINALLY got around to updating the game to have hard mode work as intended and fixed the known  bugs.    Still  considering adding some other interactions that keep the driver delayed like breaking fire hydrants or traffic lights. If there are any other bugs to report or any suggestions you might have let me know in the comments! Thanks!

-Nathan Hicks (Nate Bit Games)

Spoiler Alert! - Click HERE for a full map of the level layout  if  you are having trouble planning your attack and don't want to keep replaying to explore   the map more in order  to get familiar with it. 


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ok i clicked on this expecting to be told how to get free pizza and all I taken to is this game. Where is my free pizza

lol It's a digital pizza

same where is my pizza?! >:<